When You Put Him First

Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 11.04.47 PMIn the last few weeks of stress, deadlines, and being pulled in a million different directions, I lost sight of my dreams and goals. Instead of these deadlines being things I was excited about, I found them to be overwhelming. 

This morning, I took the time in the busyness to sit quietly before my Lord, be comforted by His holy words, and pray. And reader, when I tell you I had more peace today and got more done in one day than I feel I’ve done in an entire week, you’d better believe it.

It always amazes me that when I put the Lord first in my day, I am not only more productive, but I’m more joyful through it.

Priorities friends – they’re more important than you might think.

And now, I’m off to bed with a smile on my face.

Productive Monday? Check.



2 Comments on “When You Put Him First

  1. Agreed! I have noticed that myself over the past couple of weeks. I have felt overwhelmed (end of summer is always a bit hectic) so I have made time to reflect and pray more at night and it has made a huge difference! In my mood and my productivity! It truly is amazing, but so true! It is one of those things you don’t believe until you try it.

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    • You’re absolutely right! Most don’t believe it, until they try it themselves. It always amazes me how God restores our time when we make the choice to put Him first. Thanks for reading!



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