Time is of the Essence

Screen shot 2015-08-03 at 3.50.35 PMSeptember 7, 2014 was my wedding. Well, at least in my mind it was. I had planned it all out and based on the way a relationship was going years ago, I thought it was a sure-fire thing.

Almost a year later, I laugh at that thought. Dear God, what was I thinking? We would’ve been miserable. People change, people grow. They grow together or they grow apart. In my case, we’ve grown in very different directions. 

Had we not allowed time to take its course, we could’ve been headed for divorce. Thankfully, my would-be marriage ended before it even began, saving us the heartache of waking up and realizing we both made the wrong choice.

In the moment, I was devastated that my future crumbled before my eyes.

Now? I’m so grateful I said no before that important question was even asked.

Take your time, reader. Time is something you can never reverse or get back. And it’s also what allows us to see who the real person is, behind all of the facades we try to put up.

Be yourself and let others see the real you. Either they’ll love it or they’ll walk away. Either way, you win.



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