What She Missed

She sat there, in quite darkness. Everyone was asleep, except for her. Her mind raced, her heart pounded.

What have I missed? she asked herself.

As she watched the shadows play games with her eyes, she questioned. She questioned her purpose, her right to be where she was in life, her meaning.

Why am I here? What am I here to accomplish? Am I enough?

That last question hit her like a knife through the heart. Am I enough? She asked herself again, now prepared for the impact that question had on her.

So many times, she struggled with whether or not she was enough. People that had walked out on her made her wonder if it was something they needed to work through, or if it was something she had done. Maybe she hadn’t done anything wrong. Maybe she just wasn’t enough.

A tear trickled down her face as quiet sobs began. Oh how the wounds reopened every time she asked that question.


Ladies – how many times does this scenario play out with us and our minds? How many times do we compare ourselves to others or compare ourselves to what we think we should be?

We put tremendous pressure on ourselves to be who everyone else wants us to be or to be what WE think we should be. When was the last time you stopped, took a break, and breathed?

If you’ve never heard this before in your life, please know that YOU are enough! Please stop holding yourselves to impossible standards, only to beat yourself up every time you miss the mark.

You have purpose.

You are one of a kind.

You are enough.





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