Findings on Vulnerability

Sometimes people seem to forget their actions affect the lives of others. More importantly, there are times where they tremendously undervalue the good people in their lives.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.48.54 PM

Personally, I do my best to give everyone a chance to start with a clean slate. However, there are certain emotions, memories, and hurts that while forgiven, may never be forgotten. I read the pictured quote recently, and it hit me pretty hard. I’ve felt this way lately, as though regardless of how much I attempt to ease my guards and let people in, I’m often disappointed by what I find. Typically, people want to be “let in”, but just when we finally let our guard down and say, “I’m finally okay with letting you in”, they suddenly seem to no longer appreciate the vulnerability we have allowed.

Believe me, I’m not trying to cry a river of “woe is me”, but I am trying to express this:

When someone allows you in, appreciate it. Don’t throw it away hastily or minimize the honor of being let in.

Many people have walls up, and unfortunately, I think it’s because many of us have experienced the scenario above.

When you meet those people in your life who value being let past the gate at the front of your heart, treat them well. Don’t allow space, distance, or the busyness of life to push you back out, behind the locked gate.



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